About Senaat

Senaat, which is an Arabic word for “industries”, is one of the UAE’s largest industrial investment holding companies. Owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi, Senaat is mandated to create, acquire and optimise  industrial businesses in Abu Dhabi and beyond to maximize shareholder value.

Senaat manages more than AED 27.2. billion of industrial assets, operating in four key industrial sectors namely, metals, oil and gas services, construction and building materials and food and beverages manufacturing.


Senaat plays an important role in the diversification of Abu Dhabi’s overall economy and economic growth. As an industrial investment company, Senaat is focused on investments based in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and opportunistically evaluates investments outside the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to maximise shareholder value.

Senaat is guided by its values of being a collaborative, dependable, insightful and dynamic organisation. These values drive our actions.

Our Vision embodies the reason for our existence:

“To be recognised for leading industrial success from Abu Dhabi. “

Our true essence is explained in our Mission:

“Senaat creates, acquires and optimises industrial businesses in Abu Dhabi and beyond to maximize shareholder value.”